Training Your Real, Live Goldendoodle Puppy|Not the Teddy Bear off Walmart’s Shelf

Be prepared!  Our society has taught us that all we need to do is take our purchases out of the box, put in batteries, and away we go.  Real live puppies p__p and pee where we do not want them to, chew on your belongings (especially through teething time), and require a part of your busy schedule.  They in turn reward you with unconditional love, much happiness, and relief of stress.  

It is so so important to train them up in the way you want them to go or else they will be the biggest menace in your life!  You must learn how to communicate with your puppy.  Read the books and attend a Basic Puppy Obedience class of your choice.  I do recommend the formal class setting for at least the first part of training so your puppy may continue to socialize with other puppies and people.  Petsmart or Petco have some nice options for basic puppy classes, but check with other families in your area who have well trained dogs to see which classes they used. Groomers or your vet can also be a good resource for advice on what training classes are best.

If you wish to work toward the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Certification to earn Sunshine Acre’s training rebate, there are basic classes offered in many locations which are geared toward training for this test. Often the trainers for the CGC classes are also the evaporators who can certify your dog for passing this test.

Every minute of time spent in training a puppy will reap exponential returns on good manners in your adult dog. A well trained dog is a joy to its family and will be welcome anywhere. While a puppy doesn’t have batteries that can be removed, it will be so much more fun than the stuffed teddy bear from Walmart.

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