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Hi Michael, Sherman is now in Hong Kong. He is relaxing on the kitchen floor with his “blankie”, that Beth sent, and a chew toy. Grant is reading him a story. The process at the airport went smoothly…Sherman was a well behaved boy. At one point they take them out of the carte to inspect them and then they are expected to go back into the crate (they cannot leave the airport without being crated). Sherman went back into his crate without any issue…good boy Sherman. We have been smothering him with hugs and kisses…and he has won our hearts already. Thanks again for everything…Sherman sends his kisses.
Hong Kong
Hi Michael! I just had a message from Mater’s groomer, Kathie at Platinum Paws, and one of her other clients wanted to know who Mater’s breeder was. I sent the info, so I hope they call! I told them Sam looks much like Mater did at that age. We can’t even begin to tell you what a special dog Mater has turned out to be. He is very active volunteering with Paws and Think, Inc,. He’s registered with Delta Society, but P&T keeps him pretty busy. (They even put his picture on bottles of Mater Merlot for a wine-tasting fundraiser and they sold out!) Tom has taken him through testing now as well, and they visit the VA hospital downtown. Everyone LOVES Mater! I take him several other places – adult day care, children’s grief support, and Paws to Read. It seems wherever we go now someone will ask us if that is Mater! He’s become a local celebrity of sorts! He has a great personality and a joy in life that is so very special. We can’t thank you enough for this wonderful guy! My daughter took some wonderful photos of him that you might want to post. I’ll attach my favorites.
Dear MIke; We got Daisy from you last July. She is just the best dog ever. Very fun loving and active. Gets along well with people. Loves to play. Wonderful temperment. At the same time she is a good watchdog too! Best dog I have ever owned. I bring her to my office all the time and she is well behaved, smart and was easy to train. Would highly recommend you and the goldendoodle to anyone.
Davenport, Iowa
He’s such a sweet, mellow dog – I’ve been taking him pretty much everywhere with me – bike races, friends’ houses, etc. and he always just goes with the flow and adapts to the situation. He pretty much slept through the night from day one and learned sit the second time I tried with him. Definitely a smarty-pants. Thanks so much – I’m so glad to have him in my life!!
Denver, Colorado
I don’t even know where to begin how happy we are with our Irish Goldendoodle puppy (Sunset & Rufus) we named him Hank O’Doodle. He is so smart, he sits, stays and walks on a leash very well for only 10 weeks old. Hank is doing so good with his potty training too, he goes in his section of the yard only. He is so good!! We love him so much and kiss him often. Do you know how big he will get? I have friends that say he will be about 60lbs (I hope he gets big). I have attached a few pics of Hank with my granddaughter and one of him after his bath and blow dry. Thank you again so much for breeding these beautiful, smart puppies! I will keep you updated with more pics.
Chicago, Illinois
Our goldendoodle puppy (Riley) is unbelievable…the perfect dog!!!! Riley is just 14 months old; he has a golden colored coat, a great personality (everyone in our neighborhood knows him), etc. etc. Sunshine Acres and Michael more than delivered as promised and I do not hesitate in recommending him. Thank you again so much for breeding these beautiful, smart puppies! I will keep you updated with more pics.
Indianapolis, Indiana
I hope that this December finds you well. Today, December 14th, is the first birthday of the Irish Goldendoodle known in your records as “Sally”, but who became “Sophie” when she arrived at our home in Wisconsin. When we were searching for a puppy, there were a couple of things that stood out to us about your business – First, the easily understood explanations of the genetics involved that can be found on your web site. Secondly, the beauty of the animals themselves. Another thing that stuck in my mind, though, was the testimonial letter from a lawyer (Maggie in Iowa). Being a lawyer myself, I made a mental note to send you a testimonial myself on Sophie’s first birthday, just to let you know how she’s doing. She is absolutely delightful! I work from home and she is with me most of the day. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we weren’t able to do formal training this past summer as we had planned, but she has responded wonderfully to training with me here at home – which we attribute all to her being so smart. She knows: come, sit, lie down, up, off and sit (for use if she is up on something), stay, pen (for sending her to her kennel), car (as in “get in the”), go in/out (of the house), go potty, go poopy and heel. She also responds to hand signals for sit, lie down and stay. She responds to a finger snap and point when you want her to come. She responds to a soft whistle. When I get dressed to go to court, she knows I’m going and goes directly to her kennel and lies down on her own. We have a crushed gravel path around our property, and she respects that as her “fence”. If she should go a little past it, the command “path!” sends her back inside the perimeter. This is one very smart dog. She is litter box trained. In the morning and early evening, I take her out to the garage, where she does what is needed. It is so nice not to have to walk a dog outside in our often questionable Wisconsin weather. Solids are scooped up and disposed of in the toilet. The dog litter deals with the liquids and we clean out the box once or twice per week, as needed. We installed a dog door in the door between the house and the garage so she can go out on her own, but she discovered that she needed a human present in order to be acknowledged for her accomplishments, so she comes and gets one of us to personally witness the feat. As is often mentioned by others on your site, the coat is unbelievably soft. After people comment on her beautiful color, the next thing they mention is how soft she is. She doesn’t have that “dog smell”, and doesn’t need to be bathed nearly as often as we might have expected. She has grown to 65 pounds and appears to be staying there. She is completely healthy and happy. She is a celebrity at the vet’s office, where the staff just loves her color, her soft coat and her delightful behavior. (They tell me that she’s actually very well trained for a 1 year old, so I must be doing something right…) She loves to play with the kids, and comes into my office to enforce break times when she decides I’ve been sitting at the computer too long. She will chase a ball endlessly and loves to race and be chased around. Before our purchase, we asked you about concerns that the Irish Setter component might make for a high-strung dog. You assured us that the Irish grandparent worked as a therapy dog and that you wouldn’t breed the Irish Goldendoodle if they weren’t wonderful dogs. Sophie has done you proud. She is as gentle as can be. If one is concerned about something she is eating, you can open her mouth to get it out, even if it’s her favorite food. She complies with the vet poking and prodding her in examinations. She rolls with all the “loving” that little kids can dish out. She is always pleasant and affectionate. She warns us about people approaching the house but, once introduced, she is everybody’s best friend. From the beginning, I have taken her with me to pick up the kids from school, and she is loved by all the children – not to mention the teachers and other parents. Sure – she’s only a year, and gets a bit less, shall we say, “compliant” with commands when new friends or other dogs appear, but she is learning more and more with each day. We hope to get enrolled in a formal class this spring. My wife was not a dog person. She really had to be sold on the idea of buying a dog, something our kids actually did do by means of repeated PowerPoint presentations (long before the recent Microsoft commercials came out showing a kid doing the same thing). Now, Karen is Sophie’s biggest fan. It is impossible not to love this dog. Sophie is a wonderful and beautiful dog. She is a member of the family (picture attached) and it is hard to believe there was ever a time when she wasn’t here. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful animal. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you, and we are grateful every day that we have her here in our home. We would recommend you and your animals to anyone.
Goldendoodle in Wisconsin
Hubertus, Wisconsin
Hello Michael. I purchased an Irish Golden Doodle from you last summer. Her identification is Tess 072. She is now all grown up, beautiful and much loved. We named her Chelsea after a borough in London where I was born and raised. I thought that was an appropriate name for her because it is a very diversified and colorful place to live, reminds me of Chelsea with her multi heritage and beautiful red coat. I hope all is well with you.
Phoenix, Arizona
Chloe is adjusting very quickly to her new home. She becomes more adventurous and playful everyday. I was able to get her to the vet yesterday afternoon. She checked out just fine. She’s a good eater, sleeps reasonably well during the night and seems to be very happy in her new home.
Princeton, New Jersey
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…..hope you and your family had wonderful holiday. Sorry it has taken me so long to get you some pictures of Izzo. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and brings us nothing but joy. He was so very easy to potty train and has the best temperament. Everywhere we take him people ask us where we got him and what kind of dog he is…..people think he looks like a stuffed animal. All of our friend tell us we won the dog lottery with this one! We cannot imagine life without him…..Thank you!
Hi, Just a follow up about our little girl…who is now 47 pounds and still adorable…She continues to be a delight in our life, happy, healthy, and a lot of energy. She loves watching birds without doing anything about it — just watching in total silence; stalking chipmunks and squirrels in slow motion can keep her entertained for hours. Easy to train, she loves the clicker, and the fact that she isn’t doing amazing tricks has to do with the laid back nature of her owners, not her own ability to learn anything. Again, we thank you so much for Amanda who just turned 7 months.
Denver, Colorado
I purchased Rusty from you in September 2005. I asked you to pick me a dog that would be calm and had a friendly disposition. You did! Rusty is the best dog ever. He is a celebrity in our neighborhood. The best mannered, best looking, most friendly, and the dog everybody wants to pet. He has brought so much joy to our family and is my best friend. He follows me everywhere and I take him when I run all my errands on Saturdays. Stores are disappointed when he is NOT with me. Everyone who meets Rusty says the same thing. What a beautiful dog, so well behaved and friendly. His health is excellent. Rusty weighs 75 lbs. and eats a can of peas or green beans with 1 cup kibble twice a day. He gets moderate exercise and loves to play fetch. His favorite past time is chasing squirrels, or chewing sticks. I notice you have smaller doodles on your web site. Do you still breed the big ones like Rusty? I cannot thank you enough for breeding such a GREAT dog! I am 5 years from retirement; we will buy another Golden Doodle then from you I hope! Please share these pictures on your web site. Rusty is just the best golden doodle anyone has ever seen. I hope you are well. Again, we thank you so much for Amanda who just turned 7 months.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Hi Michael! Just wanted to send you the latest picture of Dash. We just love him. He’s a little spitfire full of spunk and personality. Everyone comments how gorgeous he is. Thanks for everything!
Red Goldendoodle
Chicago, Illinois
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