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Sunshine Acres has been raising Goldedoodle puppies since 2001. Our Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle and Moyen Poodle puppies are socialized in a family setting following techniques taught by Jan Fennell, The Dog Listener. We own both of our puppies parents, and in most cases, owned their grandparents and great-grandparents as well. Each of our puppies’ parents lives here at Sunshine Acres, so each of our puppies for sale were born here as well. Our family raised puppies come with a three-year health warranty and a puppy care package. They are checked and approved by our veterinarian and are current on their vaccinations and preventative wellness care. We have already begun their crate training.

Raising Goldendoodles is our family project, as well as a family love. Our Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, and Moyen Poodle puppies are socialized with our children and handled individually every day. Since the trainability and intelligence of a puppy is directly linked to what their early exposures and imprinting have been, we take our commitment to excellent socialization seriously. Our children and the puppies enjoy interacting with one another, so many hours of play, cuddling and companionship are spent with each puppy. Michael completed Jan Fennel’s Foundation Course in Canine Communication, so our Goldendoodle puppies are socialized according to Jan Fennel, The Dog Listener’s techniques.


Here at Sunshine Acres, our family strives to continually improving the health, genetics, and quality of our parent lines, and is actively involved in breeder education. As a committed, premium, Goldendoodle, Moyen Poodle and Bernedoodle Breeder in Indiana, our puppies’ parents must first pass extensive health screenings. We are dedicated to responsible breeding practices, and are equally faithful to educating our Goldendoodle puppies’ new families about responsible dog ownership. Our philosophy on raising healthy, well bred puppies is based on science, current research and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) guidelines.


If you would like to learn more about Sunshine Acres and our Goldendoodles, Moyen size Poodles and Bernedoodles, connect with our Doodle family on our social media accounts. We welcome visits to Sunshine Acres by appointment. Our website also has many testimonials listed from our puppies owners. We are glad to answer any questions you have about our Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle and Moyen Poodle puppies, or those breeds in general, not only when you are purchasing a puppy but years afterward as well.


It has been very rewarding to have many repeat customers coming to purchase their newest “Best Friend” from Sunshine Acres. A majority of our puppies find their new homes through the recommendation of families who already own one of our puppies. Our puppies are delighted to fill this role of best friend and companion to their new families. We also have many of Sunshine Acre’s Goldendoodles filling an added role in their family as they work in search and rescue or as service, therapy or assistance dogs. Michael has enjoyed doing Animal Assisted Activity, with Grover, our Goldendoodle who is a certified Pet Partner, at our local nursing home.


We are located in northwestern Indiana, about 1.5 hours from downtown Chicago and the same distance from Indianapolis, Indiana. As a premium Bernedoodle, Moyen Poodle and Goldendoodle breeder in Indiana, we love our rural location. It is a great place to raise our family, as well as our Doodle and Poodle puppies. If you are looking for a midwestern Goldendoodle, Poodle or Bernedoodle breeder, we are located in north central Indiana and are likely within driving distance from your home. Although we are not technically a Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle breeder in Michigan, or a Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle breeder in Illinois, many families from those states have made the short drive to come to our home to pick up their new puppy.


For current issues or trends in the Goldendoodle world, you might peruse the Sunshine Acres blog to catch up on articles written specifically about Goldendoodles. Also learn more about what our goals and philosophies are regarding quality breeding of Doodle and Poodles.










Although Michael grew up on a family farm in Iowa, and was involved in Agriculture, his first experience with genetics was in his undergraduate research with Dr. Walt Fehr’s soybean breeding. Genetics quickly became an interest to Michael in this work. In 2000 he located on a rural acreage at our present location near Wolcott, Indiana. It was then the Doodle dream was conceived and began to materialize.


At this time, there were very few hybrid breeds of dogs available, as the majority of breeders focused only on purebred breeds. Michael’s interest in genetics led to him deciding to raise a family pet and therapy dog from lines that had been strictly selected for good health, outstanding temperament and trainability that was not a purebred, but a hybrid. Interestingly, at this time, there were very few Doodle breeders in the U.S, especially in the mid-west. Few people had ever heard of a “Doodle”. Sunshine Acres was one of the first Goldendoodle breeders in Indiana.


Michael began to research parent lines, and acquired his first Doodle mother in 2000. So Sunshine Acres was born, and along with it our first much anticipated and carefully planned for litter of puppies. Over the course of the next several years, we carefully selected our Golden Retriever, Irish Setter and Poodle parents from good, healthy lines that were solid in temperament and had coat type and coloring we were looking for. In the more recent years, the Bernese Mountain Dog was added to our hybrid mix, and now the Bernese Irish Goldendoodle is also offered. As premium Goldendoodle, Moyen Poodle and Bernedoodle Breeders in Indiana, we have found these dogs to be well balanced, tender hearted, warm, and wonderful breeds that we love to work with.


After years of carefully selecting and breeding with healthy lines, our Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle and Moyen Poodle puppies for sale have developed a distinct “Sunshine Acres” look that sets them apart from many others. Through experience we have learned which lines make exceptional “Doodle” parents. With little or no shedding, family-friendly personalities and a nature that is quick to learn and easy to train, our Sunshine Acres puppies grow up to be wonderful pets. As Indiana Bernerdoodle and Goldendoodle breeders, we enjoy interacting with our puppies and look forward to seeing how they become a special part of their new families, too.

Sunshine Acres – An Indiana Goldendoodle , Moyen Poodle and Bernedoodle Breeder

A Photo Tour of Sunshine Acres

Our family enjoys our rural Indiana location, where there is plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and nearby family. It has been a great place to raise our children, as well as our puppies. With a fenced outdoor play area, and acres of yard, there is plenty of room for exercise and socialization. These safe spaces give our puppies opportunities to explore and learn, as well as a quiet place to nap and rest. Equally important, clean water and high quality puppy food supports each puppy’s healthy growth and development. For optimal intelligence, each puppy receives early neurological stimulation when they are newborns. This is followed by positive socialization training with our family as the mature and develop. By exposing our puppies to many interactions with our family and positive learning experiences, our puppies are well rounded, and adaptable.


From the very beginning of Sunshine Acres, it was important for our family that each of our dogs have an excellent personality and be very trainable. Since our puppies’ parents are around our children, who range in age from preschool to adult, it is vital to us that they each have a love of interacting with all ages. Naturally, their puppies also enjoy their daily interactions with our family. Our puppies love children! This wonderful personality and trainability is still our priority after 20 years. We have selected for these characteristics in our puppies’ parents for generations. We find our puppies to be warm and friendly in their natures with a willing, trainable personality.

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As a Midwest, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconson Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle Breeder, Our Sunshine Acres Doodle Family Spans from Coast to Coast!

Following is a list of cities where our Doodles reside:


Chicago, Illinois is a Goldendoodle capital. New York City is a rising star Goldendoodle rendezvous. Los Angeles, California is the home of many of our Goldendoodles. San Diego, California needs more of our doodles on the beaches, in the hills, and down in the town. There are some there! Dallas, Texas is a hot destination for our doodles :) . Miami, Florida is a favorite doodle city especially in winter. Indianapolis is the crossroads of Doodle America. Cincinnati, Ohio is not only home to the Reds, but there are many red Goldendoodles there as well. Hartford, Ct; we are there! Washington DC, there too. Portland, OR, Portland, Me; yes from sea to shining sea.


Our Goldendoodles live in Minneapolis, MN, GreenBay, WI, Columbus, OH to name a few more. Close to home in Lafayette, IN and far from home in Lafayette, LA do our doodles roam. Why, I have seen them in Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, and Atlanta, GA. Our doodles have been everywhere in this good ole USA. Alaska and Hawaii, Houston, TX, New Orleans, and across the fruited planes of Nebraska, Denver, CO, Iowa, Peoria, IL, Saint Louis, MO and Kansas City! We also watch them living in the mountains and high flats of Utah, Nevada, Phoenix, AZ (ok some in the lowlands, too). If your home city is not listed here and you have a Sunshine Acres Goldendoodle, Sunshine Acres Bernedoodle or Irish Goldendoodle, send me a note and I will add you to the list!

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