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    We at Sunshine Acres use the information you give us through this application to place the puppies. We do not use it to pick puppies; that is what we want you to do. Of course, we want to be of any assistance to you as you make your choice.


    One question that we often hear is, “Is it hard to let your Goldendoodle puppies go?” Although we become attached to these little bundles of joy, we have very much enjoyed hearing back from our puppies’ families. We have smiled with the happiness they have provided and have shared in the sorrow when they pass.


    What we have found is that we are not really selling a pet, but are providing a therapy to families and individuals who want a companion that loves unconditionally. There are so many things our Goldendoodle teaches us.


    Thanks for completing an application and we hope to have a puppy for you soon.


    Michael and Erica Wagenbach


    Sunshine Acres

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