What do Your Irish Goldendoodles do? Therapy, Service or Companion-Assistance Work?

While the majority of our Irish Goldendoodle are busy acting silly, happy, loving and doing their best to make family ties stronger, some have an additional role to fill in search and rescue or as service, therapy or assistance dogs. With the Irish Goldendoodles’ socialization skills and intelligence, they are the most suitable for therapy and companion-assistance type of work. 

I have personally seen lives touched by my doodles and it does make a difference. These dogs enrich the lives of the sick and hurting, lonely and discouraged.  Children find it easier to read to a listening dog’s ear.  Those who have experienced trauma find it easier to open up to the professionals helping them when a dog is present, and smiles brighten the faces of those in hospitals and nursing homes when a shaggy Irish Goldendoodle comes to visit.  From hearing assistance dogs who alert when the phone rings to the service dogs who helps pick up items that are dropped on the floor, our Goldendoodles are well suited for the tasks at hand. 

Irish Goldendoodle Service Dog
Gracie, a Sunshine Acre’s Irish Goldendoodle and a Hearing Assistance Dog for John.

Irish Goldendoodle Puppy for Therapy Work


If you are looking for a Goldendoodle puppy who would have an aptitude for therapy work,  contact us. Let us know what type of therapy work you wish to do so we can help select the right puppy for the job. We are experienced in evaluating puppies for this type of work and would be glad to give you our recommendations for which puppy would be best for your needs.

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