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Goldendoodle puppy in New York City

Have you seen me before?

I have long, shaggy hair, big dark eyes, a long pink tongue, and a tail that beats like a drum.

You guessed it! I am a goldendoodle. My name is Bohdi and I live in Florida with my forever family. You have seen many like me roaming with their families down the streets, playing in the parks, going for rides in cars, hanging out at a beach or pool, or sitting in a restaurant watching you enjoy some scrumptious food!

Now New Yorkers know their dogs. Home to Westminster for all my purebred pals to just a bunch of fun loving buddies like me who make happiness our goal!

I have lots of pals living in New York and they say that as a Goldendoodle, there is much to do in New York City. Take me to your favorite hangouts and I will be delighted. The Big Apple may be a happening town, but if you prefer to chill at home, I am up for that as well. I do need a little exercise, but for the most part, I am pretty content just spending time with you. What is your favorite place? Long Island has many great spots along with the whole surrounding area. Check out some great places where you and I can just go to relax, toss the frisbee, meet up with friends…

Tompkins Square Dog Run

Sirius Dog Run

Madison Square Park Dog Run

Tribeca Dog Run at Pier 26

Prospect Park Dog Run

Hillside Dog Park

Fort Greene Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park Dog Run

Dyker Beach Park

McCarren Park Dog Run

Little Bay Dog Park

Rockaway Freeway Dog Park

Lou Lodati Park 

Pelham Bay Park Dog Run

Van Cortlandt Park Dog Run

Let me tell you where I am from. I was born and raised in northwest Indiana about an hour from downtown Chicago. There are more like me that you can choose to come live with you. Shipping to New York City is a direct flight on a plane that is specially outfitted to carry pets like me. Once a puppy, like I once was, arrives in San Diego, the airline will take him or her to a designated safe place where you will find them and take them home to your forever home!

Are you interested? Then let me tell you a little more about where I am from. The place is called Sunshine Acres. The owner is Michael Wagenbach. He is a friendly-type that spoils us rotten. But, he also helps us learn how to rest in a crate, go out for potty, and play in a dignified sort of way. Michael has a family that all chips in to take care of us while we are growing up. We hear phrases like, “socialization of Goldendoodle puppies is extremely important”, or “it’s time to crate train since they are seven weeks old”, or “wow, that is another very nice family that came to visit”. Once we goldendoodles are nine weeks old, we get to come to you.

Sunshine Acres’ Social Media Links

Sounds good? What else would you like to know since you are all the way from San Diego? I know that Sunshine Acres is pretty active on Facebook and Instagram. I have heard Michael laugh as he scrolls through pictures and videos posted by families who own his Goldendoodles just like me.

I hear the family talk about their website when visitors come. They call it They like to post pictures on photo albums and sometimes they get all the goldendoodle littermates together for pictures and what they call an “update”.

Though New York, NY is not in my backyard, it really is a small world after all and Michael can safely send your new BFF to you. He watches the temperature and weather between Chicago and NYC. When it comes to flights, I have overheard him say that a puppy should only go on a direct flight. He also likes to send his Goldendoodle puppies to the Big Apple early in the morning so they arrive in La Guardia, JFK, or Newark sometime in the morning or early afternoon. Later flights can be arranged if that works better in your schedule. The number one goal is to send a Goldendoodle on as short a flight as possible…Safely.

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If you are still following me, I bet you really are wondering where on that crazy website can you find some of those terribly cute Goldendoodle puppies for sale. Here is the link:

Goldendoodle Contact at Sunshine Acres

Feel free to contact Michael if you have any questions. His phone number is (219) 863-4060. You can call or text him. I know he tries to respond pretty quickly because I will see him grab his phone and answer a call or type in a message. Just don’t try to contact him on Sunday :) It is fine to try, but he will contact you back on Monday. I am pretty sure about that ;0)

The New York City New Kid on the Block |Irish Goldendoodle

Finally, there are a couple different varieties of us Goldendoodles. Michael pretty much focuses on those of us that are Apricot and Red because he likes the rich, easy to keep clean color. In 2008, He added a little Irish Setter into our background to improve our genetics, enrich our color, improve our coat quality, and just plain make us more loveable. You will see them by their so unique name of Irish Goldendoodle. There are many of them running around this country and Michael follows them on Instagram. His Instagram is public so you can see everyone that he follows. Check us out and btw, I am an Irish Goldendoodle, too. Over and out.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you that Sunshine Acres has a short application where you can start matching up to a loving member of my kind!

Your friend,


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