Red Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale – by age

Red Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Our happy, healthy, family raised red Goldendoodle puppies come with a three year health warranty, vet check and current vaccinations.  Each of our puppies has been socialized to children as well as adults and has benefited from plenty of early interactions with our family.  As can be seen in our many photos, we specialized in the unusual, red to dark gold colored Goldendoodle puppies. With carefully selected Golden Retriever, Irish Setter and Poodle parents, our hybrid puppies have the benefit of being the offspring of parents who have had health screening and genetic testing before being admitted into Sunshine Acre’s breeding program.  As breeders of Irish red Goldendoodles, we are committed to continually improving the health, genetics and quality of our parent lines and are actively involved in breeder education.  We are here to help you as you bring home your new Irish Goldendoodle, whether this is your first puppy or if you have many years of dog ownership experience.

Bringing a puppy into your life is a time of excitement and joy.  While we, as red Goldendoodle breeders, have focused on ensuring your puppy has good genetics and excellent early socialization, much of what your puppy will become is a result of time and dedication on your part.  We are glad to be a resource for you as you bring your new puppy home.  As you consider the important matters of housebreaking, behavior training, nutrition, grooming and choosing a vet for your new Goldendoodle puppy, you will find much information on our website under the FAQ page. 


As you consider a red Goldendoodle puppy for your family, one may ask, what is the breed like?  They are known for a temperament that comes from parent breeds that adore people.  They are sporting, hunting, flushing and water loving animals that are smart, loyal and easily trained and enjoy exercise, attention, socialization and family interaction.  Doodles do not like to be left alone for long periods.  They are a versatile breed that tends to adapt to the type of family they live with.  Our Goldendoodle puppies are happily living with families that have very active “on the go” tempos, as well as those that are content with a romp in the back yard and more sedentary lifestyle. It has been very rewarding to our family to now have many repeat customers as well as customer’s referrals coming to purchase their newest “Best Friend”-an Irish red Goldendoodle puppy- from Sunshine Acres. 


While our puppies are delighted to fill this role of best friend and companion to their families, they would also be happy to fill a different role as they work in search and rescue or as service, therapy or assistance dogs. Are you considering a Goldendoodle puppy for a pet?  Have you thought about teaming up with a Goldendoodle to provide therapy to others?  Have you thought how a Goldendoodle puppy might enrich the lives of you and others that come in contact with your fluffy, teddy bear, bundle of joy? Did you know that Sunshine Acres has a large number of Goldendoodle puppies that have grown up to become working dogs?  They provide assistance to those with disabilities, a listening ear to children who struggle with reading, attention to those who are discouraged or are lonely. Sunshine Acres red Goldendoodle puppies for sale are also placing a wholesome responsibility for children to learn the care of a living animal.  It increases a child’s emotional instinct of compassion and care.  Compare the time a child spends in caring for a Goldendoodle puppy, playing with a puppy, walking the puppy, feeding a little hungry puppy, taking the Goldendoodle to the vet, or simply sitting on the back porch petting an animal that is totally devoted.  Now think of that same child sitting in front of a computer – spending time shooting, killing, and fighting opponents.  Conquering, destroying, relishing in it all. Which of the two alternatives  is your choice?  A puppy provides so much for the development and enrichment of human lives.  


Sunshine Acres is a Goldendoodle breeder.  We want to help you find that right puppy and find your Goldendoodle at the right time.  Check out our red puppies for sale pages, see the moms and dads, ask questions about our Goldendoodles, review the warranty, complete an application, and study the process of choosing your puppy.  It is all right here at Sunshine Acres is located in Indiana.  Puppies can be picked up at our home or we can ship them to an airport near you.  We have been in business since 2002 and have a vast experience in animal husbandry and genetics.

Little ears as soft as silk Little teeth as white as milk Little noses cool and pink Little eyes that blink and blink Little bodies round and fat Little hearts that pit-a-pat Surely prettier puppies never Were before nor can be ever!”

— Evelyn Stein

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