What is the Price of a Goldendoodle?

What is the price of a Goldendoodle

As you swim in Lake Google, you are no doubt finding price variability.  The price of a Goldendoodle puppy is comprised of several elements.   In this 1-minute, economic read, we will build the price together.  For specific figures, we recommend following our link to our published prices and rebates.

First is genetics. A rule of thumb is a breeder should expect the same price for a puppy as paid for the parents given the same standards are kept. Second is the cost of testing – It varies by breed but amounts to several thousand dollars if the testing is all encompassing.

We ask, how many times will a mom raise a litter?  As the number of socially acceptable litters for a mom decreases (so she can enjoy life just being herself), fixed cost goes higher for each puppy she raises.  It is the price of responsibility.

Veterinary care provided for the moms, dads, and puppies.  Let’s face it, inflation is here to stay and vet medical is high for small animals raising puppies.  Wellness visits, microchipping, vaccinations, and after hour calls come with a price.  Sunshine Acres’ unique spay/neuter rebate is also expensive but worth every penny.

Support is provided.  We love interaction with our puppies’ families after one of our puppies are living with them.  Updates are a pleasure to read.  However, there are times that we need to provide support.  Though a wise king once said, “There is nothing new under the sun”, we do find it necessary to provide some simple guidance or point a family to a good resource.

What is time worth?  To implement a good socialization program, offer good housekeeping, feeding high quality food, and beginning training requires commitment.  Though children love most of this hard work (except housecleaning), adequately preparing a Goldendoodle puppy to go to a new home is extremely time consuming.  In addition, Sunshine Acres offers a reward rebate to our puppies’ families who carry on training and pass the Canine Good Citizen test.

A solid 3-Year Health Warranty.  Warranties are not freebies.  However, I am thankful to be able to report, they are not pricey.  We have offered this warranty for many years, and have not had many takers.  This is not because we make it hard to receive a payback, but because our Goldendoodle puppies are generally healthy.

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