If you have already completed an application and you want to place a deposit to be added to the Active Waiting List, here is the process of how to be added:

  1. Determine that you want to be added to my active waiting list.
  2. Make a totally refundable $500 deposit to be added to this list. I accept PayPal or personal checks.  Contact me before sending money.
  3. Wait until a litter pregnancy is confirmed.  You will be notified with each pregnancy confirmation in the order of the active waiting list.
  4. When the litter of your choice becomes available, you may elect to be added to the list for that litter.  This is also the time to commit to a specific gender.  Otherwise, you can simply reply with a pass for a later litter.
  5. The picking order is established by the election date
  6. Once the puppies are born and you have had opportunity to view the puppies, the deposit becomes firm and no longer refundable.  This is called the firm date and starts at week 1 after birth.
  7. Photo and written updates are placed on the litter’s web page on Day 3, Week 1, 3, and 5.
  8. 2-3 days prior to week 7 (Picking Day), a link to detailed photos and videos in an online album will be emailed to you.
  9. On the Picking day (7 Weeks), you are invited to meet the litter in person, via FaceTime, or Phone at the appointed time established on the litter’s web page.  
  10. Experience the Joy — Your puppy is ready to come to your home around week 9.  The final payment is made at this time.  Checks are preferred but PayPal and all credit cards are accepted with a convenience fee currently set at 2.9%.

Active Waiting List for Sunshine Acres Doodles

current wait to a puppy going home is 3+ months

  1. Puplava (Portage, IN)
  2. Available

Active Waiting List for Sunshine Acres Poodles

current wait to a puppy going home is 5+ months

  1. Perez (Chicago, Il)
  2. Available
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