Twin Lakes Puppies

Irish Goldendoodle

A F1B new name at Sunshine Acres

F1B Irish Goldendoodle Puppy
Apricot F1B Irish Goldendoodle

Welcome to Twin Lakes! Twin Lakes is a new name at Sunshine Acres and is designated for our F1B’s. The F1B Irish Goldendoodle from Sunshine Acres will continue on as a Twin Lakes puppy.

Twin Lakes is named after our local twin lakes, Shafer and Freeman located in Monticello, Indiana.

F1B Irish Goldendoodle
Dark Apricot F1B Irish Goldendoodle

Joshua Wagenbach is leading this F1B doodle-type effort as he strives to improve on an already established mix of America’s favorite canine companion.

The F1B is the doodle backcrossed with a Poodle in order to increase the curls while maintaining some hybrid component.

There are many colors to choose from when selecting your F1B Irish Goldendoodle. Twin Lakes focuses on Red and Dark Apricot with an occasional Apricot and Parti-color.

Twin Lakes Puppies receive the same genuine and loving care as all Sunshine Acres puppies. Socialization is our primary focus as puppies are prepared to transition into families seeking the tremendous friendship offered by this wonderful dog.

F1B Irish Goldendoodle
Red F1B Irish Goldendoodle

Puppies are available from time to time. You can check out who Joshua is working with by going to his page at (The link is in the button below)

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