Note from Logan’s family

Hello Erica! You won’t believe me but this morning I was thinking of you too!!
It’s a special day (1/30) we went to Newark Airport to pick up the cutest little guy,
1 year ago!! He’s 14mos., at last weigh in he was 57lb.s, he’s eating BLUE chicken & brown rice for large adult breed & bottled water & Mother Humer treats. We sent you 5 pics, let me know if you like his new haircut. He’s a very sweet boy, loves everyone,
childern & other doggies, he will argue with you if you tell him not to do something, but
he’s still so young. Would you like to use a picture of him for your site, if so I would make sure to send really good pics. How are his brother’s? Do you get picture’s from their family’s? I would love to see them, if you have a pic can you send it to us?
Hope to hear from you soon! Love, Nadine & Bob & LOGAN!!

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  1. Our Gibbs must have been a litter mate of Logans. Gibbs is still a nice dark red and weighs about 53-55 lbs. He is a very verbal puppy and never stops moving unless he is lying down! He makes lots of different sounds, but I think he just likes to talk. We have a 6 yr old F1b Goldendoodle in the house also. I will try to figure out how to load a couple of photos onto the site soon. He looks a lot like the puppy on the 1st page of this website.

    1. Nadine&Bob&Logan

      Hello! this is Logan’s family the Corbisiero’s Nadine&Bob.
      We’re so happy to find one of Logan’s brothers! He too is
      very verbal & also never stops moving unless he’s lying down.
      & the sounds are so funny. He argues with us if we tell him not to
      do something. His BD is 11/23 & he is 19mos.,60lbs. & dark red. (Zoey&Reuban)
      Can we exchange pics? Tell us about your other doodle! Hope to hear from you!

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