Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale near Chicago

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Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale near Chicago, IL


[vc_column_text]Chicago, the Windy City, has long been a pet friendly metropolis including the Goldendoodle. The animal and human association is the way for all in the chicago land area. Once a thriving destination for livestock from farmers where all sorts of farm animals were brought to Chicago to sell in the huge yards that existed. Today, the market still thrives in downtown Chicago vicinity where farmers, buyers, and every business in between comes together in the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Now what does that have to do with Goldendoodles, one might ask. Well, it is an introduction to the closeness that we have with our animal companions.

Though cows, sheep, and pigs no longer wander the streets as they are driven to the stock yards, they have been replaced with companion animals who are often seen in Chicago walking the streets, playing in the many dog parks, or swimming on the shores of Lake Michigan, especially Monrose Beach. Hands down, Chicagoans have the biggest place in their hearts for their beloved pets! Just look around town.

Sunshine Acres is thankful to be a contributor to this beautiful replacement of dog and human in Chicago since 2002. Yes, a long time. Sometimes, a long time can mean, stagnant, the same old, or status quo. However, at Sunshine Acres where we have goldendoodle puppies for sale, we are vigilantly searching for new knowledge in genetic testing, socialization methods for our goldendoodle puppies, understanding our clients here in town. We are steeped in science as we develop new generations of doodles. Just like making tea, the goldendoodle is the tea. The bag is science. The hot water is Chicago people. Sunshine Acres makes Goldendoodles with doodle health, personality, looks and with You, the people, as a valuable part of the solution. Finally, science is what filters out bad genetics and other awful traits and passes through the wonderful and beautiful goldendoodle you have come to know.

Now we offer the goldendoodle in a few different flavors as we keep the necessary balance of poodle lines that are truly non shedding (did you know that not all poodles are non shedding??). Who knew! In 2002, Sunshine Acres adopted our common refrain where we would say, “Not all Poodles make good Doodles”. We only discovered the truth about the heritiability of the shedding properties of poodles but did not know why or how these traits were passed on to future generations. Well, now we have a genetic test for shedding and Sunshine Acres is on it. This is just one example of how Sunshine Acres is striving to make a difference in the lives of Chicago pet owners.


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Our [Goldendoodle] Puppies!

Little ears as soft as silk
Little teeth as white as milk
Little noses cool and pink
Little eyes that blink and blink
Little bodies round and fat
Little hearts that pit-a-pat
Surely prettier puppies never
Were before nor can be ever!”

— Evelyn Stein

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