Goldendoodle Parents at Sunshine Acres

Meet the Parents

Ever wonder what the parents of our puppies look like or what they are like.  Please stop by the Sunshine Acres “Meet the Parents” page to read the bios and see the happy parents of our puppies.

Our parents are our team.  They each have a place to fulfill and bring their own set of excellent traits.  Some may bring the right color, another a certain personality, another the right size of small, medium or large.  Check out the Sunshine Acres team today!


Reading through the experiences of others is definitely a way to gain confidence you are heading in the right direction.  For those customers who are unable to post on social media, but do send us notes from time to time, we use our testimonials page to capture these.  There are posts here that are from all over the United States so you can find one near you.

Sunshine Acres recommends reading our Facebook page, however, for the most complete and exhaustive resource connecting you to previous customers with the ability to interact and ask questions specifically of them outside the Sunshine Acres community for the most unbiased response.

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