Indiana Field Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale

Welcome to Sunshine Acres, located in northern Indiana, where our family has been raising quality Golden Retriever puppies for sale for over 20 years. We love Goldens, and enjoy raising these smart and kind dogs so we can give other families the opportunity to experience their social, fun loving natures, too. Our Golden Retriever puppies have playful, friendly personalities and are wonderful family dogs.


Each of puppies’ parents are fully tested and genetically screened before they are allowed to be a parent here at Sunshine Acres. From lines carefully selected for generations of superior health and excellent trainability, our puppies are well suited as both competitive Goldens, such as agility, obedience or field trials and as wonderful family companions as well.


Each of our Golden Retriever puppies come with 3-year health warranty, microchip and current vaccinations. They are checked, nose to tail, by a licensed veterinarian and approved before they are released to join their forever families. Pre-spoiled and used to kids, they are well socialized according to Jan Fennel, The Dog Listener’s methods. Contact us for help selecting your next BFF (Best Furry Friend), or choose your favorite puppy from the photos below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sunshine Acres, an Indiana Field Golden Breeder

Bringing a puppy into your life is a time of excitement and joy mixed with a little apprehension of knowing the work a new puppy requires.   As experienced AKC Golden Retriever breeders, attention to detail, breeding based on science and love of the Golden has always been our priority.  We do everything we can to promote the long term welfare and superior health of our Golden puppies and their parents.  We are happy to be a resource for you as you prepare for the big day of your puppy’s homecoming.


What are our Golden Retriever puppies like?  We specialize in the field Golden type of AKC Golden Retrievers, due to their superior health compared to the show type of Golden Retrievers. Our field Golden lines of Golden Retrievers have lighter frames and smaller adult size than show Goldens. A male can be expected to grow to 55-75 pounds, with the females being about 10 pounds smaller.   Also, field Goldens are less prone to hip and joint problems than the show lines of Golden Retrievers.  They are typically darker in color with shades from dark red to golden. With beautiful silky coats, our field Goldens have shorter hair than show Goldens and do not shed as much, which we love!


Field Goldens are the type of Golden that is most similar to the original Golden Retrievers developed by Lord Tweedmouth in the 1800’s.   These original Goldens were bred as hunting dogs, water retrievers and an outdoor companion. They have amazing trainability and intelligence and are extremely devoted to their human companions. Athletic, active and fun loving, they would not do well left alone for long periods of time, since they love companionship.


Our puppies parents are from lines with many titled field Goldens in their pedidgree.  When Sunshine Acres began, 20 years ago, we purchased our first two field Golden Retriever puppies from Topbrass, Jackie Mertens kennel of amazing field Golden Retrievers.  For over 50 years, Jackie Mertens’ “Topbrass” has been the dominant name in field-bred golden retrievers, and Topbrass lines run strong in our Golden parents here at Sunshine Acres.


Lucy, the dame of the above litter of puppies, has an amazing pedigree with many AKC Field Champions in her pedigree.  From Otterness’ Thunderstruck Retrievers near Alexandria, Minnesota, Lucy’s sire is Thunderstruck Like None Otter QA2 MH WCX OS  and her Dame is Heads Up Youve Been Thundrstrk SH WCX.


Our Golden Retrievers can thrive in an active household as a running buddy, hiking partner, or in any outdoor activity their family enjoys. They also can also be content with the exercise they get in the back yard, with a family that is less active as well.  Our Golden Retriever puppies are well suited for therapy work, service work, as hunting dogs or just their family’s BFF (Best Furry Friend).


Our Golden Retrievers love the companionship of their new families.  Our field Golden Retriever puppies for sale have been raised with children from toddler to adult age and love them! Over the years, our Golden puppies have filled a very special role in our family.  Always there with love to give, our puppies are a wonderful friend for our children, and we have found that love to be mutual.


Learn more about our available Golden Retriever puppies, see the puppies AKC Golden Retriever adults or parents, examine their health certifications and genetic screening, ask questions about our Goldens, review the 3 year health warranty,  and complete an application to being the reservation process.  It is all right here at


Sunshine Acres is located in Indiana, about an hour and a half northwest of Indianapolis or a couple hours drive from Fort Wayne, Indiana or Evansville, Indiana.   We are only an hour and a half from downtown Chicago, Illinois or a couple hours drive from the surrounding suburbs of Hinsdale, Glencoe, Lake Forest, Naperville, Winnetka, and Oak Brook, Illinois.  Whether you live in central Illinois, northern Illinois,  or northern or central Indiana, Sunshine Acres is a Golden Retriever breeder near me!  Delivery via American Airlines is also available.


We have been raising healthy, intelligent Golden Retrievers since 2002 and have extensive experience in animal husbandry and genetics. We are ready to help you select that perfect Golden Retriever puppy for your family. Puppy kisses are waiting!

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