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Are you interested in one of Sunshine Acre’s Irish Golden Bernedoodles, but not quiet ready yet for a new puppy to come home? Or are you looking for something a little different than the puppies we currently show as available on our website?  Submit an application today, tell us what characteristics you want in your new puppy, and let us know you wish to join our Bernedoodle waitlist to select a puppy from one of our expected litters.


When we receive your application, we will reply to answer any questions you may have about our upcoming litters of puppies.  If you have requested to be added to our waiting list on your application, we will also ask if you wish to place a $500 deposit to reserve a “puppy picking” spot for our expected litters.  We appreciate your interest in our family raised puppies.


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Sunshine Ares is currently accepting deposits to reserve a puppy from our upcoming Bernedoodle litters, which are listed below, by the expected parents’ names.  Your deposit is fully refundable and exchangeable between litters, up until the time that a specific puppy is selected.  When new litters are born, families on our waiting list have first pick to select their puppy from the litter, in the order their deposits were received. We are committed to helping each family find a puppy who is an excellent match for their lifestyle and preferences.


Parents of Upcoming Bernedoodle Puppies at Sunshine Acres

Cally x Murphy – Irish Golden Bernedoodle Due Date 6/15/24

Sheila x Milo – Irish Golden Bernedoodle Due Date 06/26/2024


      • PRICE — $3900.00
      • REBATES — $200.00 available.  LEARN MORE
      • DATE AVAILABLE — 8.5 weeks after born
      • COLOR — Red to Cream, Tri-Color, Merle, Black & White
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How does Sunshine Acres handle its waiting list for families who have placed a deposit for an upcoming litter?  How will I select my puppy?

Once the litter has been born that matches the criteria/timing you indicated on your application and is one to two weeks old, all applicants who are a match for that litter will be notified. We will ask if you would like to consider choosing a puppy from the current litter or wait for a later one. We do not ask families to pick their specific puppy when they are newborns, but rather ask them to let us know if they wish to be included in “puppy picking time” for that litter.

If you would like to selecting a puppy from a litter that has already been born, and is currently show in group litter photos on our website, a deposit can be placed to reserve a picking spot for the litter.  This deposit is also fully refundable and transferable between litters, since is its a deposit for a picking spot, not a deposit for a specific puppy.  When our puppies are newborns, their gallery on our website is shown with group photos of the litter.  Then when puppy picking time for the litter is getting near, their information posted will be updated to show indiviudal photos of each puppy in the litter.

We will notify you a couple of weeks before puppy choosing time to make an appointment for you to come and have a window visit with the puppies, or to schedule a time that you will be available to have a virtual visit to meet the puppies. We usually make a few recommendations as to which puppy would be a nice match for your family (based on your application or phone visits) but the final decision as to which puppy you would get would be yours.  Puppy Choosing is done when the puppies are 3-5 weeks of age when we can start seeing the minor differences between their personalities and coat types.  The puppies’ individual photos will be posted on our website and we will start working down our deposit list, in the order the deposits were received, so each family can select their pick from their litter.  You can come here to choose your puppy with a “window visit”, with a virtual visit (Facetime or Zoom) or via photos/video clips posted on our website.  At Puppy Choosing time, you will have the opportunity to consider which puppy from the litter you would like to select.

When Puppy Choosing time arrives, if you feel like none of the puppies are exactly what you wanted you can forward your deposit on to a future litter.  You would be placed on that list after any other family who had already committed to that litter.  We are happy to share our observations of the puppies as they have been growing and which would be the best match for your situation.

We are committed to helping you select the puppy who is the best match for your situation.  Puppy love is waiting at Sunshine Acres!

Additional information


All Sunshine Acres puppies have an embedded RFID microchip for your puppy's identification. The ID on this page is the last five digits of the microchip number. These chips are not trackable by GPS but emit a frequency when scanned so your contact information may be looked up. Sunshine Acres uses an ISO chip, so it is universal no matter where your travels take you.

NeoTech Vaccines

Sunshine Acres uses and follows the protocols of the Neotech Company to offer the core vaccines your puppy needs for safety. Depending on region or your lifestyle, there may be additional vaccines your veterinarian recommends.


Our Goldendoodle puppies are socialized in a family setting following techniques taught by Jan Fennell, The Dog Listener. Each puppy is stimulated every day before his or her eyes open to familiarize them to the smells of their human companions. Once our Goldendoodle puppies start interacting with people, they are handled, played with, and enjoyed by our family, with children that range in ages from toddler to teenager. A puppy’s trainability and intelligence is greatly impacted by its early imprinting, so we expose our puppies to a variety of experiences in a positive way.


Are you looking for a red, shaggy ball of hair with a pink tongue and a heart full of love? Sunshine Acres is home to the Irish Goldendoodle. Family raised and socialized since 2002!  Tested parents can be met and all puppies are immunized and vet checked.


Shipping is available to most major destinations in the continental US and Canada via airline pet carrying services. We are familiar and comfortable with the shipping process and would be glad to make arrangements for shipping if you live too far away to come to Indiana to pick up your puppy. The shipping and handling fee is $550.

Veterinary Wellness

100% of Sunshine Acres puppies are screened by our veterinarian. They are weighed, microchips are scanned, and end with a head-to-toe examination. If there is anything abnormal, it will be noted on this page.

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