Lucy, An Irish Goldendoodle Puppy

Lucy Loves Everyone
  • Irish Goldendoodle
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 9 weeks
  • 3 year Health Warranty
  • Vet Approved

As children learn to read, some simple sentences give them courage to sound out the words and determine what is written. When I think of Lucy, a few short phrases come to mind. They are, “I love Lucy”, “Lucy loves me”, and “Lucy loves everyone”. This pretty much sums her up in simple terms.

Lucy will likely be in the 40 pound range. Her mom and dad are Lucky and Reuben. Right now, Lucy is learning how to take naps in a crate and is nearly crate trained. Her coat is red and will be beautiful, wavy, and low to non- shedding. She is adaptable, interactive and loves kids.

Questions? Call or Text Michael at (219) 863-4060

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